Welcome to the online presence of Fiona Curie

Fiona Curie born and raised on the island of Curaçao, is a self-taught artist. Drawings are a very strong element of her artistic expression, although she is active in several other disciplines of arts and craft.

She has a master in business administration/business science. Always intrigued by beauty, how it is perceived and how it can be crafted, she has embarked on a journey to find out more about fashion and design in 2005-2006 at the ArtEZ, university for art in Arnhem, Holland. Despite not completing this 4 years training, she is confident that her passion for art, experiences in the creative arena, continuous upgrading of her skills by attending trainings and artistic events and her education in management and organization are the perfect match to make an enterprise of her God given talent and skills. Fiona Curie focuses on Art, Fashion Design and Craft.

By Fiona Curie

Her designs are wearable yet with an edge. Either with a twist or very exotic, the outfits she designs are always very feminine. The one wearing her clothes has to feel comfortable and the garments should last a lifetime (sustainable).


The name ‘Calabazeria’ reflects the main material used to make these jewelry: calabash & bizuteria, The colors are vibrant reflecting the Caribbean lifestyle. Using natural products as the base of her creations she contributes to the ecosystem.


These rag dolls are hand painted all over with colorful patterns from the artist’s imagination. Lil’sis as in little sister, identifies the feisty yet elegant curvy Caribbean sisters we all love. Lil’sis is perfect for decoration or can be used as toy.

If you have any question regarding my products or if you need a customization on any of them, feel free to fill in this contact form. I'm also reachable at +5999 510-9952.